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I have always loved anything related to art for as long as I could remember. I started getting into makeup in high school and fell in love with playing with different colors and being able to create a different look everyday! I also started watching beauty influencers on YouTube to improve my skills. My motivation came when I got accepted into my first affiliate program. It inspired me to make a makeup page on Instagram. I never thought I would get this far, but I've had an amazing group of supporters who inspire me to keep doing what I'm doing everyday.

— Megan

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My husband is what keeps me motivated. He was the one who pushed me to start the journey as an influencer & beauty creator, but most importantly my supporters. The ones that have stood by & supported me from day 1. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them.

— Jossie


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I've been doing makeup for about a year but only recently decided to make an account. I'm inspired by the beauty in everything around me & motivated by my friends, family, and supporters. I'm blessed to have people that support what I do & encourage me to keep on doing what I'm doing.


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I started makeup because I grew up watching classic channels like Nicole Guerrero, Patrick Star, kathleenlights and so many more. They are so motivational and have inspired me to try and perfect my skill. Every day that I do my makeup motivates me because I can see the difference that practice makes. My advice would be to put your art work out there because the people who support you, no matter how little the amount, are the people who matter! Growth happened naturally after.



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I run the channel Smokey Glow on YouTuber and love talking about all things beauty related! My channel mainly focuses on makeup with series like "Tutorial Tuesday's" and Anti hauls, but I also love giving my thoughts on YouTube drama from time to time. I am also a full time student working to get my degree in social work and one day hope I can be a school social worker or a children's advocate!

— Hannah

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I was inspired by Kandee Johnson to expand on my love of makeup and practice each day. My love for makeup and the art of makeup has grown and keeps growing daily.



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I recently started but was always afraid of putting myself out there but seeing all these other beautiful girls doing the same thing motivated me!! Keep going no matter what! Don't discourage yourself!



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I started really getting into makeup two years ago and ever since , I’ve loved it. Creating art that’s on myself and be proud of the outcome is so incredibly motivating. Some advice I have for any is to keep trying no matter what and watch a lot of YouTube, it’s really inspiring !



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I started doing makeup around 8 years old and fell in love. I love the freedom of creativity and creating art !


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Hello y’all, I am a nurse by day and make up lover by night. I got influenced by make up after high school, it’s so creative and it’s truly relaxing for me. It took me such a long time to get to where I am right now, but practice does make prefect. I love feeling inspired and I hope to inspire y’all someday.



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I love makeup. And want to inspire people to create great and colorful looks.


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I have loved Makeup since I was 12 years old. Now, as an adult and mommy of 3 children, I struggle with adult acne. Makeup allows me to feel CONFIDENT and BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out. Makeup is my armor when I struggle to accept my flaws. Makeup means the world to me. I enjoy creating different looks (especially with glitter), and continue to learn different makeup techniques every day. Thank you so much to everyone who gives me their continued LOVE & SUPPORT on my Makeup Journey. You give me the motivation that I need to keep going!


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I’ve always considered myself to be an artistic person. I enjoy anything that challenges my creativity. I’ve always loved makeup but only recently started getting more serious about it. By doing makeup, I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and to realize that nothing is impossible or too hard to accomplish.


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Makeup for me is more than just a hobby, it’s a form of art and a way to express myself. I’ve worn makeup since I was 14, but just recently got into the more creative aspect of it and I love looking back at how far I’ve come. I hope to someday be doing hair and makeup on others so I can share my passion for beauty with other people and make them feel amazing!


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Hey! My names Cierra but everyone calls me CECE ! I’ve always been into makeup, but I recently started my IG with all my looks almost a year ago. All my family and friends would always tell me to make an IG so they could check out my work. So I finally did it and I’m blessed with the opportunity’s I’ve gotten from starting! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me and Being apart of Midas team! I couldn’t be happier ❤️


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I have been a makeup lover since I was a teenager. Now, I have become a Beauty Influencer who believes in the art of makeup and the gift of enhancing one’s natural features. I believe that skin care comes first as it is the base to flawless makeup. I want to be inspired and inspire all including those with mature skin. I desire women of all ages to believe in their inner beauty and be able to express themselves through the art of makeup. Come be FABULOUS with me!


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I'm a black male MUA/MUE based out of Eastern North Carolina. I've been working as a beauty consultant and freelance artist for 5 years now. I would describe my makeup style as a combination of high glam and out the box concepts to create something that is both interesting and ready to wear. My mission as an influencer is to make sure the beauty industry is allowing space for black and male influencers to flourish, as well as to be a great representation for black boys in beauty to look up to.



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I just want to make the world a more beautiful and colorful place. As Neon Queen of the beauty community I promote equality, inclusivity, acceptance & understanding. And nothing makes me happier than people genuinely supporting one another through this journey.



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I am a licensed MUA who has a love for the endless creativity that makeup artistry offers. Seeing the confidence and self love that my work gives my clients is why I love doing makeup

— Jennifer

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I'm a mommy who loves to do makeup for the fun of it! I started doing eye shadow seriously about a year ago. I love the amount of progress I've been able to accomplish in such a short time. I really hope I get to keep doing this for years & get even better. My girls & my husband keep me motivated. There is so much life that inspires me to do what I do everyday.



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I started when I was modeling 8 years ago I had to learn how to do my own makeup. What motivates me is being able to teach others my techniques and make others feel beautiful when I do their makeup. Always follow your dreams and never give up.



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I first explored with makeup at a young age. I would watch my mom do hers as she got ready for work. I've always loved it but wasn't too good at it. When my mom passed me down some of her makeup, I started practicing until I learned on my own, with the help of YouTube. The love I get on instagram is one of the main reasons I stay motivated. My boyfriend, friends, & family encouraged me to start my page, but what made me continue was the love I got from my followers.

— Alexis


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I love makeup and the artistry behind. I take inspiration from current art and pop culture. As a interior designer, I love colors and patterns.



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I’ve always LOVED to do makeup but I didn’t get passionate about doing makeup until highschool . I would always watch @alyssaforever on YouTube days upon days doing/ practicing my makeup but never showed anybody but my family / boyfriend . My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me to go out my comfort zone and start sharing my looks on Instagram. The endless support and love I receive on Instagram and YouTube is what inspires me to keep pushing and work harder to provide nothing but the best for you guys!! 💗


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I’m an engineer, a makeup artist and a mother of two lovely boys. I make sure to have time to become all three. Being an engineer is my profession and being a makeup artist is my passion.



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Hi! My name is Emily, and I’m an 18 year old makeup enthusiast from North Carolina! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been around and loved makeup because of my involvement in the performing arts! I am so excited to be able to immerse myself in my passion with the help of Midas Cosmetics!



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I am a very goal oriented person who strives to always produce the best content possible.



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I am a Latina self taught makeup artist that loves to be creative. I am very friendly and kind person. I love helping people and meeting new friends.



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I started doing makeup when I was about 15-16 years old and the love and passion for this has only been growing. I love doing bold, colorful, glam looks because I love being bold when it comes to hair and makeup. Also I am Puerto Rican and a christian, both things that define who I am and how my platform works because is not just about doing good makeup is also about getting a message out there doing it the way I know how to.



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My name is Danielle, I’m a Makeup Artist, Influencer, Wife and Mother of 3. Makeup is my art, my passion, and it allows me to show my love and commitment to why I do what I do.



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Melanin infused Black beauty boy. I’m the beauty community’s step dad. Just trying to create spaces of love and growth.


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I live for glam & being a bad bitch 💄✨


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Heeeyyyyy! I’m ChristopherJMUA but you can call me Chris if you want to. I believe that beauty is on the inside (but a little makeup never hurt anyone.) I’m all about feeing empowered as an individual and being the best you that you can be, no matter what! I started my YouTube channel in the hopes that maybe I can help others see the beauty that’s inside themselves and let people know that it’s okay to be you. I just hope that you always remember and never forget.... that you’re beautiful.



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Obsessed with anything colorful from a very young age I was always drawn to cosmetics and the artistry behind it. I struggled with coloring inside the lines as a child as I loved to let my creativity roam free. Although this was seen as an issue at the time it's how I have continued to view art. Let your imagination roam free, color outside the lines!


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I’m a makeup artist from Miami!i started my social media journey just over a year ago as a timeline of growth, and to share my growth with others looking to become artists as well!


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My name is Keren and I love all things art! I’m 23 and makeup has been my passion for almost a decade. I battled cancer at 22 and I realized that if you have a passion in like you have to chase it!